Streamlining hospitality with video footage analysis (with ML), swift inventory management, and comprehensive sales reporting.

At Glimpsecorp, I wore many hats as a product designer. My job was to make sure everything looked good and worked well. I designed the brand look and made sure the tools were easy to use. I also helped create marketing stuff to tell people about Glimpsecorp. I worked with other teams to make sure what we built was what bars and restaurants really needed.

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For Glimpse’s logo and brand, I used clean typography and a red dot to hint at their camera service. The design is easy to recognize, showing what the company does in a simple yet smart way.


Digital marketing assets

At Glimpsecorp, I helped with shaping the brand’s digital presence. Here’s what I contributed:

Every digital asset I worked on was strategically designed and executed, ensuring it resonated with the brand’s vision and effectively engaged its online audience.




Marketing processes & tools:

At Glimpsecorp, I played a key role in developing and improving our marketing strategies.

My goal was to make sure Glimpsecorp’s marketing efforts were effective, looked good and meet our audience’s expectations.


Customer tools - how can we help customers efficient is your restaurant & bar?

Customer products

I worked on creating and improving products designed specifically for our clients’ needs.

I aimed to address the specific challenges our clients face with each tool, focusing on their effectiveness and ease of use.


Operational oversight & training tools

AI is cool, but when it’s about the cash, you have to provide human auditors right instruments that help them to to dot the i’s and cross the t’s! Behind the scenes, bars and nightclubs need detailed tools for monitoring and ensuring seamless operations.

I helped shape a robust suite of tools tailored for both administrative and audit purposes.


I worked at Glimpse from 2018 to 2021