The journey to design

People often find it interesting when I talk about my career because it combines engineering, design and marketing. Right now, I work at the DFINITY Foundation in Zurich, a beautiful city. I’m writing this to introduce myself to people online.

Web and mobile development, first product experience

I’d say, I’ve always liked technology and design. At school, I used to change my phone’s software, changing the icons and themes just to make them look and work slightly different (hello Nokia and Sony Ericsson). After school, I began making simple websites for family and friends. Then, during university, after learning a bit about programming, I dove into creating simple apps for iOS.

One app I made, Training Diary, for tracking workouts got downloaded over a few houndred times. But I quickly learned that making an app is more than just coding and putting it out there. There’s a lot to do after it launches, like fixing bugs, adding new features, and figuring out how to make money from it. I won’t lie, it was tough keeping up with user feedback and keeping the app up to date.

TrainingDiary app icon

This experience taught me the importance of building things correctly from the start. But despite the challenges, this app proved to be very valuable — while still at university, it helped me land a job at a local company where I worked on web and mobile development. However, I quickly found out that repetitive programming or template-based work wasn’t for me. I wanted to be part of the creative process from the start, which steered me towards a deeper focus on design.

Common sense

My design journey began with a focus on understanding how to solve problems practically. I read a lot about design and learned that it’s not just about how things look but making sense of ideas. By talking to people and asking the right questions, I found out I could really help.

I believe everyone has a bit of a designer in them because we all know when something doesn’t feel right. This belief has been a big part of my journey, showing me how important it is to listen to that sense of what works and what doesn’t.

Personal development

Design is about creating experiences that feel right, solutions that actually work, and products that make people happy. Every project has been a chance for me to learn something new, to grow, and to add my own touch to the design world.

Here’s how different experiences helped me grow my skills:

I’ve grown better at making websites, mobile apps, product designs, and leading creative projects. This has helped me see how to do meaningful work. Whether I’m creating apps, designing how things work for users, or leading teams on projects, I always aim to make a real difference with my work, trying to change things for the better.