Sendtask makes it easy to collaborate with anyone — even if they don’t have an account.

I joined Sendtask in the early stages and luckily I was able to participate in many processes of the company’s formation — from the mission and vision formulation to helping with launching a product and further growth.

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“This is addressing the biggest pain point I encounter in all PM software, assigning tasks to external parties”


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RUBY: Our app’s logo features “Ruby”, a friendly and supportive mascot. Beyond its warm appeal, Ruby cleverly incorporates a checkmark, emphasizing task completion.

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In order to move towards the same goal, we formulated the following mission statement and vision for our product.

We strive to empower makers and their peers to realize bold ideas with a collaborative tool that allows them to prioritize and focus and assists them in a smart and friendly way, when and where they get work done.

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The app’s layout—comprising a sidebar, project list, task list, and task detail panel—is intuitive to those acquainted with task management tools.

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NLP: Sendtask’s “Magic Bar” simplifies task creation and search. For instance, instructing “John, meet Kate in MUC tomorrow at 9:00 #sendtask” will promptly set up the task.

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Marketing website

My role encompassed both the design and execution aspects of the marketing website.

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Mobile apps

I had the opportunity to design for both the iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across devices.

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Additional things

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I worked at Sendtask in 2016-2018