MoneyTears helps friends to seamlessly track shared expenses.

The app idea comes from this simply annoying situation when somebody has paid for everyone and you have to split, keep in mind and calculate all the bills from the evening.


If you travel with friends you have dozens of notes on your phone at the end. We’ve fixed that daily routine.

Share expenses with anyone even if they don’t have an app

We understand the app usage should be super-seamless when you are on the go — we included many features and micro-interactions. All transactions appear as chat messages and look like human written messages. We authenticate users via phone number. That way people can share expenses with anyone from their contacts.

We introduced a smart slider that allows to change proportions of the bill. Every chat has a user breakdown, that shows balances for everyone.

Idea and design

Me and Mike Iskandarov


Vadim Shalamov and Kostantin Antonchik